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Georgie's Wonder White w/New Talc - 50lbs (CC547CT)

Georgie's Wonder White w/New Talc - 50lbs (CC547CT)

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This 'interim' clay is now available while we are in the process of transitioning to our 'no talc bodies'. It uses a new white talc that our industry has found to be an acceptable replacement for Texas Talc. It has a different character! The clay will fit your glazes and underglazes as expected. The clay may have a shorter working time - it may need a finer touch and a bit of water as you work. If you are not finished with your piece, be sure to cover it in plastic for your next encounter - it will dry faster. Be patient, you are making a new acquaintance.

  • Absorption = 10.10%
  • Total shrinkage = 6.43%
    • @ dry = 5.60%
    • @ bisque = 6.43%


*email for more information on ordering.

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