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Kilig Candle Co.

Lola - Rose + Vanilla - Kilig Candle Co.

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At The Clay Warehouse we are all about supporting local! And as a retail supplier, we don’t just stop at Ceramics related creative products.  We are working to bring our customers handmade offerings from local suppliers of all kinds.

Kilig Candle Co. is a local company based in Vancouver. Offering 100% handmade Soy candles that are sure to quickly become your new favourite candle. Simple ingredients, great smelling candles.  Non- toxic, Eco-friendly, Vegan-friendly.

Product Description:

LOLA ~ rose + vanilla

Lola is inspired by our Founder's time with her Grandmother. Lola is a word in Tagalog that means "Grandmother".

"When my Lola first moved to Canada from the Phillippines, I was only 2 years old. I was learning to talk and in turn, we learnt English together. Our days were spent watching old Disney movies, learning to read books together, and playing in our local park. Some of my most found memories are when I used to garden with my Lola in our big front yard. She grew gorgeous blooms and most importantly, prided herself in her beautiful rose bushes. This scent is special to me because it's nostalgic and reminds me of those times. This one is for you, Lola."

Notes: rose + vanilla

9 OZ | 45-50 hours burn time