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The Clay Warehouse

*SPECIAL WORKSHOP* Wheel Throwing Intensive Workshop - Saturday Mar 18 - 1 pm - 4 pm (ONE TIME WORKSHOP)

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This is the right workshop for you if you’ve taken throwing classes (*within the last year) and you know that with a bit of extra guidance and focus on your technique, you could finally “get it”. You want the confidence that when you come into open studio time, you won’t leave with only rainbows. You have gotten the hang of it but your pots have the thickest bottoms and weigh a ton. You can’t get the walls of your pots more than 3 inches high. If any of these sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

This workshop is designed to give you a significant boost in confidence! Start making the pieces you want to make, and not just what the clay decides it wants to be.

We will be throwing with 1lb balls of clay. You won’t be keeping ANY of them! With each throw, you will cut your pieces in half. We will assess every single one you throw to see what you can do to make it better than the next throw. Because you aren’t keeping anything, there is no pressure! You’ll be challenged to get to know your clay intimately. Push it way past your comfort zone and see what happens. It’s only through practice and continued pushing that we learn where the limits are.


  • Once you have wedged up at least 10 balls of clay each, we will hit the wheel.
  • Warm up throw
  • Throw 2 is your starting point; be keeping this guy till the end of class to compare to Throw 10 so you can see the results of your hard work!
  • You will continue throwing and incorporating the feedback you get. You will get personal constructive feedback for every throw you do.
  • As we near the end of the workshop, we will do some fun activities like height challenges, timed throws and blindfolded throwing. You’ll be surprised what you can do! 

**Optional: If you would like to use a different clay available for purchase from The Clay Warehouse during this workshop, you are welcome to. If using studio clay, 1 lb balls will be weighed out b your arrival so that all you need to do is wedge. This is meant to get you as much wheel time as possible. If you’re going to use your clay, come a few min early so you can weigh out your clay.

**Clay Experience Required, If it’s been a few years since you’ve thrown and you want to get back into it, this is not the right workshop for you. If you are struggling to center and pull up the walls, the Beginners Booster workshop would be more suitable for you.

**Please ensure you can commit workshop date. Cancellations are accepted up to 7 days before the first class, and all cancellations are subject to a $50 administration fee. If a customer cancels within 7 days of the workshop, you may not be eligible for a refund.