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Speedball Cone 6 Stoneware Clear Glaze (002000)

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$12.00 CAD

Available in clear only, Speedball Stoneware Glaze is ideally-suited for use with Speedball Underglazes.  Dinnerware safe when used and fired as directed, Speedball Clear Stoneware Glaze carries the AP Seal and is offered in 16oz size.  Originally formulated for use at Cone 5/6, Speedball Stoneware Clear Glaze has been successfully fired to Cone 10.

  • Developed to perform at mid-range temperatures, Cone 5-6, can be successfully used at Cone 10
  • Formulated for friendly application and firing
  • Consistent and striking results when fired as directed
  • For best resulets, apply 2-3 liberal coats
  • Lead-free, dinnerware safe when used and fired as directed
  • Turns clear when fired