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The Clay Warehouse Originals

The Clay Warehouse - At Home Stand Alone Clay Trap (CWTRAP)

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We've started to make in-house items that help potters get set up at home!

This stand alone clay trap is built from a 5 gallon pail and some other pieces.  Your "Clay Water" is poured into the top bucket, and flows through a sink drain down a PVC pipe to the bottom of the pail. It effectively pushes the water level up, at the clay settles the water at the top will be clear water which then drains out the side port into a pail or bin (not included) which can be drained down a sink with no risk of plugging your plumbing! an easy way to dispose of your clay water, even in an apartment!  Scott has used one of these for a while now and is his own design!

*Made to order - Please allow one week for production time*

All of our "Clay at Home" items will be featured in upcoming blog posts letting you know all the pieces you would need to buy to make your own at home! with instructions and step by step photos!

Build Your Own Clay Trap Blog Post:

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