Collection: ADVANCER® Kiln Shelf

ADVANCER® Shelves for Electric Kilns.

Save Kiln Space. Save Energy. Save Money.

ADVANCER® multi-sided kiln shelves are available in 8, 10 and 12-sided shapes to fit most top loading electric kilns (full and half) and are the only silicon carbide shelves tested and recommended for use in resistance coil element kilns. At only 5/16-inch thick, ADVANCER® kiln shelves allow for significantly more stacking space when compared to conventional 5/8” and 1” thick cordierite kiln shelves. As photo above illustrates, it is easy to put 6 ADVANCER® shelves in the height required for 5 cordierite shelves giving an additional 20% stacking space! At less than half the weight of conventional shelves, ADVANCER® kiln shelves are far easier to handle and lift in and out of the kiln with less stress to your hands and back.

Lower mass and faster heat transfer (greater thermal conductivity) means shorter firing cycles and reduced energy consumption. No wonder an increasing number of potters are improving productivity and saving money using ADVANCER® kiln shelves in their electric kilns!

For orders, please email for more informationPlease allow at least 4-6 weeks for delivery after placing an order for shelves to arrive.