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Griffin Grip is Here!

The Giffin Grip is the ultimate tool for quickly centering and holding pots for trimming. It fits all standard wheel sizes from 10 to 14". Once you try it you won't be able to live without it!

**NEW**The Giffin Grip Mini! All the quality and reliability you expect from the Giffin Grip only smaller and packed with cool new features.

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Diamond Core Tools - NOW IN STOCK

We've worked hard to bring you all the best tools and supplies in the business, and we're happy to announce that Diamond Core Tools are coming to The Clay Warehouse!

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Make Your Own Plates & Platters


We LOVE GR Pottery Forms! Whether you have experience with clay or not. These drape molds make it easy to create custom plates, platters and dishes that anyone can do at home or the studio!

The Clay Warehouse has the Biggest Selection of GR Pottery Forms in Canada!

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Clay Warehouse Memberships Available NOW

Membership options that will fit all needs ranging in price and number of sessions per week; no matter your skill level, there is an option for you!

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The CW Merch

A collection of T-Shirts, Sweaters, Hats and accessories, Order online and ship directly to your home!

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