MKM Rollers & Stamps

MKM Wooden Rollers & Stamps are available in a wide variety of patterns and sizes. Each stamp is made of fine-grained hardwood treated with oil for durability. The designs produced are rich and intricate. At The Clay Warehouse, we particularly enjoy using these rollers & Stamps to create texture on our wares. Click below and become inspired!

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GR Pottery Forms **NEW**

GR Pottery Forms are wood drape molds designed to be the inner portion of dinnerware and serving platters. Roll your slab, drape over the mold, and make consistent, beautiful forms time after time!

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Garrity Tools Now In Stock!

The increasingly popular brand has been a favourite among potters for some time! These hardwood ribs move clay with ease and give you some very unique designs! Check out the Garrity collection at The Clay Warehouse

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Clay Warehouse Memberships Available NOW

Membership options that will fit all needs ranging in price and number of sessions per week; no matter your skill level, there is an option for you!

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