GR Pottery Forms are wood drape molds designed to be the inner portion of dinnerware and serving platters. A rim and a foot can easily be added to create the rest of the piece making it versatile and functional for the user. The cut and beveled fiberboard makes them durable and economical. Easy to use over and over again giving you a tool to create your personalized work. The forms are designed to be shallow so they are more versatile. Most of the sizes are cut to line up and stack effectively creating another use as a deeper form.

We LOVE GR Pottery forms at The Clay Warehouse! It's a product that anyone can work with, clay experience or not! If the wheel isn't for you, or youre looking for something to do at home that's easy and doesn't take up too much space, these are for you! Come by and ask us how to use them, we'd be happy to help you get rolling (literally!)

Find some GR Pottery Forms Tutorials HERE

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