Kiln Firing Service

Community Kiln Firing Service for Potters


  • Please email to book a time for kiln firing while the new system is under maintenance. 

Full Kiln Rental:

  • Must be reserved at least 1 week in advance.
Skutt KM 1027 (7 cubic feet) - $100 
  • Chamber Capacity: Approximately 23 in. x 23 in. opening and 27 in. high (7 cubic feet).
Skutt 1227 (10 cubic feet) - $120 
  • Chamber Capacity: Approximately 28 in. x 28 in. opening and 27 in. high (9.9 cubic feet).

Cutaway of Skutt 1227:

Pay per Piece:

  • Must email to arrange a drop-off time
  • $12 minimum charge.
  • Prices vary depending on the space your items take up, estimated around $2-$5 per standard-size piece (prices subject to change without notice)

Firing Schedules:

  • Bisque to cone 06, glaze to cone 5 with a 30-minute hold (produces a cone 6).
  • Custom firing schedule available for full kiln rentals with prior notice.

Important Instructions:

  • Clean glaze from bottoms before bringing glaze work to fire.
  • Pieces must be bone-dry upon arrival.
  • First-time drop-offs, please read this page carefully.
  • Number of items dropped off for firing must be no more than the amount of items originally booked.
    • If customer brings more items than originally booked, the remaining items will be rejected or items will be held unfired until pick up of original pieces. 


    • The Clay Warehouse is not responsible for pieces damaged due to reasons noted in this disclaimer.
    • The owner of each piece fired is responsible for kiln or shelf damage caused by defects in their work.
      • such damages could be from explosions during bisque or glaze, glaze drips or running onto shelf, unstable pieces falling onto another piece, etc.
      • any damages that occur will be subject to a damage fee this is to be determined at the time of damage occurrence. Damage fees could range from $10 to $1000 depending on the severity of the damage. 
    • Ensure pieces are 100% dry on the drop-off day. Items not 100% dry will be denied at drop-off and must be rescheduled once pieces are dry.
    • Items held for a maximum of 14 days; items left longer are subject to disposal.
    • The creator/owner of each piece is responsible for their own pieces. They must be able to identify and manage their own pieces in our studio. 
    • Breakages occur from time to time due to human error, no compensation will be given if such an event occurs.
    • The Clay Warehouse is not responsible for anything that happens during kiln firings due to the kiln's nature of unpredictability.
    • The Clay Warehouse is not responsible for any defects that may occur in the kiln such as crazing, crawling, plucking, dunting, and so on..
    Experienced potters and technicians at The Clay Warehouse perform firings in quality-tested kilns. We try our absolute best to load each piece into the kilns as if it were our own. 


      By dropping pieces, you agree to the terms and disclaimer; The Clay Warehouse is not liable for any losses.

      Pick-up Information:

      • Item pick-up during regular business hours only. 
      • Unclaimed items after 14 days may be disposed of due to limited studio space.

      Community firing must be booked online for drop-off. Any pieces that are brought in without scheduling online will be turned away.