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Georgies Pioneer Dark w/Speckles Clay - 50 lbs (CC1013)

Georgies Pioneer Dark w/Speckles Clay - 50 lbs (CC1013)

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A warm toasty color with a "non-toxic" black frit (an alternative to maganese which carries health & safety issues for skin entry & inhalation during firing) has been added to create speckles of varying sizes for a natural reduction body feel and look. These frits add a bit of texture in the raw state, similar to the feel of grog and appear somewhat prickly in the bisque. They will incorportate into the clay body and glaze during the firing. Go to our Instagram page for more information and test results. Bisque to ^04. Glazed to ^6 at medium speed.

  • Absorption = 0%
  • Total shrinkage = 10.79%
    • @ dry = 5.38%
    • @ bisque = 8.07%

This is a Mid-Range Fire Clay (Cone 4-7) 50 Lb Box, 2 bags of 25 lbs


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