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Ritual Glaze - Orange Puff Glaze (RPORG)

Ritual Glaze - Orange Puff Glaze (RPORG)

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Puff glaze is a fragile, sculptural glaze that expands drastically during firing. Creates a cloud-like texture. Puff effect is much more pronounced on lighter bodies. Need to apply glaze heavier on darker clay bodies. The thicker the application, the more the glaze will puff up.

Warning: This glaze is fragile and breaks easily. For sculptural use only. Not intended for functional ware. Please check with your studio owners before use in community kilns. 

1 Pint - 16oz

100% woman-owned, Ritual Glaze is producing special effect glazes out of Portland, Oregon, USA. Bringing to market the color and texture missing from commercial glaze offerings

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