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Coyote Clementine Glaze (MBG155)

Coyote Clementine Glaze (MBG155)

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Clementine is a bright orange that adds a warm pop to any palette. It is also a Texas Two Step Overcoat, which can be layered with one of the six Two Step Undercoats to produce an oilspot effect.

The Texas Two-Step Oilspots are a specialized series that use pairs of glazes to create unique effects. Anywhere that one of the five overcoats is laid on top of Licorice, Coffee Bean, or Brick Red, a stunning spotted pattern will appear during firing.  Thicker applications lead to bigger spots. Try using wax resist after the first layer to create negative space designs.


These items are most often PRE-ORDER, which means we do not carry most dry bags of glaze in stock.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery after placing an order for Dry Glaze Bags

5 Lbs. of dry glaze needs approximately 0.5 gallons of water and will yield about 6 pints of glaze. 

10 Lbs. of dry glaze needs approximately 1 gallon of water and will yield about 12 pints of glaze.

25 Lbs. of dry glaze needs approximately 2.5 gallons of water and will yield between 24 to 32 pints of glaze

**Every glaze is different, check the label for specific mixing volumes

When mixed with water, Coyote dry glazes are suitable for brushing, pouring or dipping, and do not require the addition of any suspension or brushing ingredients; if they need it, it's already in there. 

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