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Georgies Michigan Patina Raku Glaze (PG813)

Georgies Michigan Patina Raku Glaze (PG813)

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High metal shine with a Mardi Gras attitude! We call this one our “harlequin” of glazes because it can produce so many iridescent and luster effects. It’s a high-gloss, high-shine glaze with copper and purple lusters, mixed with shades of gold to blue, over a silver-to-blue metallic background. 

Not Food Safe, to be used for Raku Firing Only (Cone 06)

**Raku Pieces are for decorative purposes only, glazes are NOT food safe, and are not watertight after glazing. To achieve Raku Effects, Firing must be done in a rake kiln, in a fast firing with fossil fuels (usually propane) and post firing reduction**

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