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Georgies Pipenburg Red-Bronze Raku Glaze (PG810)

Georgies Pipenburg Red-Bronze Raku Glaze (PG810)

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This glaze is a drab gray color in the jar, but the results are anything but! Give this one lots of reduction to get rich, dramatic splashes of deep copper red over your piece. The reds break to emerald green with purple-hued lusters over the top. WARNING: where applied thick, this glaze will RUN on vertical surfaces of your pieces. 

Not Food Safe, to be used for Raku Firing Only (Cone 06)

**Raku Pieces are for decorative purposes only, glazes are NOT food safe, and are not watertight after glazing. To achieve Raku Effects, Firing must be done in a rake kiln, in a fast firing with fossil fuels (usually propane) and post firing reduction**

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