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Mayco Stoneware Glazes - Cordovan (SW128)

Mayco Stoneware Glazes - Cordovan (SW128)

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Cordovan develops a deep, burgundy red color with a semi-gloss surface when fired to cone 5 or 6. Cordovan produces a brick or iron red on white and red midrange clay bodies.

Mayco’s Stoneware Glazes are formulated to be friendly to the user in application and firing. They feature a broad pallet of colors and variety of surfaces. 

Wide Temperature Range - Designed to fire at Cone 6 but can be successfully used at Cone 10, oxidation or reduction. Testing at the higher ranges is recommended.

Glaze Compatibility - Stoneware glazes work well with each other and other Mayco glazes, providing endless opportunities to combine and layer to create intriguing visual effects.

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