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PSH Andromeda Direct Drive Potter's Wheel (QANDR)

PSH Andromeda Direct Drive Potter's Wheel (QANDR)

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Introducing Andromeda, the quiet, compact powerhouse produced by BTH in Jingdezhen. Andromeda is a state-of-the-art, direct drive potter's wheel featuring

  •  14" aluminum wheelhead with pins
  •  400 watt, 0-300 RPM DC motor
  •  QUIET direct drive 
  •  100lb of clay centering capacity
  •  Forward/reverse wheelhead direction
  •  Magnetic 2-part splash pan 
  •  Freewheels like a banding wheel
  •  Remote, detachable foot pedal
  •  Adjustable legs
  • Tabletop & sit-down throwing
  • 5 year warranty

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