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Speedball Sea Glass Mid-Fire Glaze - Pint (002111)

Speedball Sea Glass Mid-Fire Glaze - Pint (002111)

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Sea Glass embodies a calming pastel green with occasional light variations throughout. Food Safe.

A perfect demonstration of the artist-led philosophies shaping Speedball’s new product innovation, Speedball Mid-Fire Glazes were formulated in partnership with ceramic artist, Nancy Sowder.  This exceptional line consists of 30 glazes that create magical mottling and reduction-like effects when used at Cone 5/6 oxidation. Eye-catching results are possible when used individually or artists can layer colors for even more unique variation and dimensionality.  Friendly in application and firing no matter your experience level! All colors are lead-free and certified dinnerware safe. 

Sold in pint jars. Fire to cone 5/6.

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