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The Clay Warehouse Extruder - Extruder + Starter Die Kit (CWEXTRUDER)

The Clay Warehouse Extruder - Extruder + Starter Die Kit (CWEXTRUDER)

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The Clay Warehouse Extruder makes it easy to extrude clay shapes that can be used as handles or other attachments. The 15 x 2" aluminum barrel allows you to load approximately 2.5 lbs of clay, so you won't have to reload as much while working on bigger projects. 12:1 mechanical gearing for smooth, easy use.

The DW Extruder kit comes with our Die Expansion Pack #1, which will give you some basic dies to get started; we also have two additional Expansion Packs with some unique, Locally made custom dies sure to give you more variety in handle shapes and sizes.

We've been working on this project for a while now and are happy to have it join our other original Clay Warehouse products!

**This extruder comes with Die Expansion Pack 1 with basic shapes.

Additional Extruder Die Packs are available here:

The Clay Warehouse Extruder Die Expansion Packs

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