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Xiem Tools - Needle Tool for Stone Ware Clay (XST15)

Xiem Tools - Needle Tool for Stone Ware Clay (XST15)

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This robust needle tool is designed for potters who need to remove a thick uneven rim of a coarse clay body on the pottery wheel. Each tool is made from a solid piece of surgical stainless steel to ensure sharpness and quality for life .The sharp point needle allows cutting through thick clay quickly and smoothly. The broader base of the needle helps to separate and split clay away with ease, avoiding bending and breaking. The facetted handle with inset rubber for comfort and secure gripping won’t roll off the table.

Every Xiem Tool offers a simple solution and creative purpose we are focused on good design, made with intention and quality execution without compromise. Xiem Tools are the new essentials and the premier choice for clay artists.

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