Collection: Diamond Core Handheld Extruders - R Series

The R series from DiamondCore® Tools is a line of incredible Handheld Clay Extruders allowing you to create clean and beautiful accents for your ceramic pieces quickly. Commonly used as foot and handle-making tools, you can use the tools' variable depth ski and DiamondCore® Tools' advanced blade technology to produce feet for slab-built platters, dishes, or plates, as well as handles for mugs, pitchers, and other vessels. Just slice it, cut it to length, and attach it.

Tip: For best results, use these foot and handle-making tools when the clay is not extremely wet or sticky. The clay tool blade should be clean and dry. Ideally, pull the extrusion up and out as it is being formed, or fold back the sides of the slab so the extrusion pops up and out.

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