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Diamond Core Handle Form 3 (HF3)

Diamond Core Handle Form 3 (HF3)

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Get a grip that's creative yet consistent with DiamondCore Tools’ innovative Handle Forms. Our forms allow you to choose the curvature of a mug handle then re-create that same curve again and again. Pull or extrude your handle, set on the form, press slightly to shape, smooth as desired. Attach handle to your mug when leather-hard.


  • Black plastic handle form; rounded curve with single, middle dip
  • 20 mm-wide handle strip; approximately 77 mm tall by 88 mm long (~3 X 3.5 inches)
  • Includes black plastic handle form stand


  • Create consistent handle shapes for clay mugs 
  • Holds handle in shape until ready to attach at leather-hard stage
  • Designed to complement DiamondCore handheld extruding tools


  • Re-create specific handle shape over a number of pieces


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