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DiamondCore Multi-Tool/Folding Tool Replacement Blades (Various Options)

DiamondCore Multi-Tool/Folding Tool Replacement Blades (Various Options)

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If any of the blades on your Bird of Paradise Pottery Multi-Tool or folding blade tools become bent or broken, there's no need to deal with that loss or throw a tool away. Simply replace the broken blade with an economical replacement insert. 


  • MTP-2: Coated, stainless-steel precision blade replacement inserts (2 pcs.) for pottery multi-tool
  • MTK-1: Coated, stainless-steel pottery knife replacement blade (45 mm; 1.7 in.)
  • MTN-1: Coated, stainless-steel needle tool replacement blade (55 mm; 2.1 in.)
  • MTS-1: Coated, stainless-steel scoring tool replacement blade  (20 mm; 0.8 in.)


  • Easily cut and score leather-hard clay
  • Stainless-steel blades never dull and leave little to no burrs or debris
  • Sharp blades increase efficiency and reduce fatigue


    • Use all safety precautions
    • Keep out of the reach of children
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