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DiamondCore Tools - FP7 Fine Point Arc Chisel Carving Tool (FP7)

DiamondCore Tools - FP7 Fine Point Arc Chisel Carving Tool (FP7)

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We're thrilled to offer an incredible addition to our line of fine-point products: the FP7 Fine Point Arc Chisel Carving Tool. With its arc-shaped blade, this tool is great for shaving very thin layers off at a time. Its sharp corners can follow an existing groove and blend edges. The FP7 features a handmade wood handle with two comfortable grips, easing fatigue in those long studio sessions. If those sessions lead to a worn-out blade, don't fret! Our always-sharp blade is replaceable, so you'll keep this tool for years instead of discarding it when the blades wears. With its innovative design, the FP7 Arc Chisel is superior to other sgraffito wire tools.


  • 3.5 mm-wide, arc-shaped blade
  • Beautiful 5-inch (139 mm) handcrafted hardwood handle
  • Colorful foam grip adds style and comfort to this pottery carving tool
  • Ideal for creating fine, clean detail 
  • Can carve bone dry or leather-hard clay
  • Adjustable blade angle for pottery carving
  • Comes with one free spare blade; additional blades available for purchase
  • Comes with three grips: two on tool and one extra
  • Wood grain may vary


  • Designed to shave background areas 
  • Carving leatherhard or dry clay
  • Sgraffito on underglazed clay 
  • Mishima, sculpting, scraping and more
  • Stainless-steel blade never dulls and leaves little to no burrs or debris
  • Carve faster, leaving  clean edges
  • Sharp blade increases efficiency and reduces fatigue
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