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Georgies White Crackle Raku Glaze (PG805)

Georgies White Crackle Raku Glaze (PG805)

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A reliable gloss white crackle that performs over and over again. Apply one to three flowing coats with a soft brush. A single coat gives a flat, almost matte white with very little crackle. Gloss coverage and the amount of crackle increase with each additional coat. Overapplication may lead to glaze runs! Works best for the most pronounced crackle effects on sandy or grog-bearing clays. After firing, wipe on India Ink or oil-based stains, then wipe off again with a soft cloth. Inks or stains will settle into the crackle to accent them and give more visual depth. 

Not Food Safe, to be used for Raku Firing Only (Cone 06)

**Raku Pieces are for decorative purposes only; glazes are NOT food safe and are not watertight after glazing. To achieve Raku Effects, Firing must be done in a rake kiln, in a fast firing with fossil fuels (usually propane) and post-firing reduction**

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