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Giffin Grip – MODEL10 – Adjustable Trimming System (GG&10)

Giffin Grip – MODEL10 – Adjustable Trimming System (GG&10)

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the Giffin Grip® trimming and centering tools & a wide assortment of parts and accessories.  The Giffin Grip® is a trimming tool for pottery that quickly centers and holds pots for trimming on the potter's wheel. It takes the most frustrating step out of the process, and makes trimming clay fun!

After a simple one-time adjustment, the Giffin Grip quickly snaps on and off your wheel. It halves the time previously spent in trimming and makes practical trimming shapes that would otherwise have been left untrimmed. Includes 3 short basic sliders, 3 short wide sliders and rod set with new hands.


Giffin Grip International Guarantee:
90-Day Money-Back For Any Reason
10 years free replacement on parts that wear out or break in normal studio use.

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