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GR Pottery Forms - Casserole Wallie - 10" x 10" (GRCW10)

GR Pottery Forms - Casserole Wallie - 10" x 10" (GRCW10)

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This Wallie Form has a 2" depth to create a deep casserole dish. It also includes Lifting Grooves so you can easily remove the Form from the clay. There is a center hole for a Spacer if you want to elevate the Form while constructing the piece, adding a Spacer will also help make your dish even deeper.

**Spacer Pull NOT included (sold separately).
**Pieces are lightly glued together.  If gaps occur or the pieces loosen, pull apart, re-glue and clamp to tighten.


(1) 10x10" Wallie Casserole Form

 Weight: 5.5 lbs.

Check out the video below for instructions on how to create Casserole Dishes with the new Wallie forms!:


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