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GR Pottery Forms - RD2 Variety Pack (RD2VP)

GR Pottery Forms - RD2 Variety Pack (RD2VP)

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Round Forms with a soft edge and 2 drill holes.

Compatible with the WA2, WA2 Key or WA.

This pack Includes:

(2) RD2 - 9.5"

(2) RD2 - 12.5"

(1) WA2 Key - includes 2 Pins

NOTE: There has been a change in size for the new RD2 Forms, This product was previously was comprised of (2) 9" & (2) 12" the new kit includes (2)12.5" and (2) 9.5" round RD2 forms

Check out the below video for instructions on creating Round plate forms when using with the WA2 System:

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