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Kiln Firing Service

Kiln Firing Service

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Our bookings open two weeks from today. There are two available bookings per day. When we are fully booked for the day then our calendar will show no availability. If this is the case, please wait until the next calendar day as two more spots will become available.  We are regularly fully booked - check for more kilns for rent in the area. 

How to Book:

Less than a kiln load:

  • Click on "Schedule Your Time"
  • Choose an available date to drop off your pieces
  • Show up for the scheduled drop-off date.

Booking a “Less Than a Kiln Load” is perfect for folks with 20 pieces or less for firing.

It is important to note that we now require a $5 deposit for each firing scheduled. This deposit will count towards the total cost of firing.

Full Kiln Load:

We still require that all folks who wish to book a full kiln load must email us at at least 14 days in advance to schedule a drop-off date.

Drop Off

When an appointment is booked, it is scheduled for the whole day. This means that you can drop off your pieces for firing during regular business hours.

When arriving at your scheduled drop-off date, please check in with a team member and they will show you where to place your items for firing.


All firing will take at least one week to complete. Larger pieces or specialty pieces may take longer to fire but this can be discussed at drop-off.

Pick-Up & Cost

Your fired pieces must be picked up during regular business hours and will be paid for upon pick up.

There is a minimum charge of at least $12 for firing regardless of total number of items fired. A rough estimate for cost of firing is $2-5 per piece. This estimation does not take into consideration other factors that may influence the price such as size, shape, total space in kiln, total number of pieces to fire, etc.

The cost of a full kiln firing:

  • KM1027 7 cubic feet $100
  • KM1227 10 cubic feet $120

Items that are left unclaimed after 14 days will be subject to disposal.


Bisque Firing:

  • All pieces must be bone-dry.
  • Pieces should not be thicker than 1/2 inch.

Glaze Firing:

  • Pieces should not have any glaze on the bottom. Ornament or other similar items that could have glaze on all sides must have a note to accompany them to notify the technician.
  • Pieces should be properly glazed so the glaze does not run onto the shelf.
  • Glazes and clay should be rated for mid-range firing or cone 6 firings.

Failure to meet any of these expectations could result in:

  • Cancellation of your firing.
  • Fines for damage to the kiln or kiln shelves.


    • The Clay Warehouse is not responsible for pieces damaged due to reasons noted in this disclaimer.
    • The owner of each piece fired is responsible for kiln or shelf damage caused by defects in their work and will be subject to a repair fee.
    • Ensure pieces are 100% dry on the drop-off day, expecting them to be fired same day. Items not 100% dry will explode and damage other artists work. 
    • Items held for a maximum of 14 days; items left longer are subject to disposal.
    • Firing defects may occur due to poor construction, dampness, air bubbles, over or under-glazing, etc.
    • Experienced potters and technicians at The Clay Warehouse perform firings in quality-tested kilns.
    • Items placed on shelf will be fired as is. We are not responsible for checking to see if conjoined items (lidded containers, teapots, etc.) are to be fired separately. 


    By dropping pieces, you agree to the terms and disclaimer; The Clay Warehouse is not liable for any losses.

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