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Kiln Firing Service

Kiln Firing Service

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Items for Drop-Off

How to Book:

These booking instructions are for less than a kiln load. If you would like to book a full kiln please email us at 

  • Go to calendar
  • Select the amount of pieces you have to drop off
  • Choose a date for drop off
  • Arrive at your chosen date
  • Drop pieces off at back of store near kilns on designated shelves

Full Kiln Rental:

  • Must be reserved by emailing at least two weeks in advance.

When to pick up your pieces:

  • All firings will take a maximum of one week to complete. 

Pick-up Information:

  • Item pick-up is during regular business hours only.
  • Unclaimed items after 14 days may be disposed of due to limited space.

    When to pay for your firing:

    • All firings will be paid for in full when items are picked up one week after drop off date.
    • There is a minimum charge of $12 for any firing service.


    • To Be Bisque Fired:
      • All pieces must be bone-dry.
      • Pieces should not be thicker than 1/2 inch.
    • To Be Glaze Fired:
      • Pieces should not have any glaze on bottom.
        • If pieces are glazed on all sides, such as ornaments, a note should be placed with items notifying the technician.
      • Pieces should be properly glazed as to not run onto the shelf. 

    Failure to meet any of these expectations will result cancelation of booking. 


      • The Clay Warehouse is not responsible for pieces damaged due to reasons noted in this disclaimer.
      • The owner of each piece fired is responsible for kiln or shelf damage caused by defects in their work and will be subject to a repair fee.
      • Ensure pieces are 100% dry on the drop-off day, expecting them to be fired same day. Items not 100% dry will explode and damage other artists work. 
      • Items held for a maximum of 14 days; items left longer are subject to disposal.
      • Firing defects may occur due to poor construction, dampness, air bubbles, over or under-glazing, etc.
      • Experienced potters and technicians at The Clay Warehouse perform firings in quality-tested kilns.


      By dropping pieces, you agree to the terms and disclaimer; The Clay Warehouse is not liable for any losses.

        Occasionally, we may not accept outside pieces; always call or email ahead to ensure availability. If you have not called ahead and we do not have space for you, we will have to send you away with a new drop-off date. 

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