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Lucky Bats XL Bat System - Master & Ten 8.5" Inserts (LUCKYXL)

Lucky Bats XL Bat System - Master & Ten 8.5" Inserts (LUCKYXL)

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Increase your productivity and save shelf space with a reversible Pottery Bat System.

This pottery tool fits most Full-Size Pottery Wheels- Shimpo/Skutt/Brent/Venco and Others

The master bat is reversible in that it can be turned over and used as a 12" bat. Engraved guidelines help center your work on the bat. That is especially useful for trimming.

The Lucky Bat System consists of one 12" master bat and ten 8.5" (21cm) inserts. The master bat in this set is carved from formaldehyde-free 3/4" Medex brand HMR MDF.

Inserts are made of 9mm Baltic Birch Plywood, which is a premium material.

Bat pin holes are 3/8 (10mm) in diameter and spaced 10" apart to fit most standard throwing wheels.

Inserts fit snugly in the bat hole and a finger recess helps lift the insert holding your creation from the master bat.

Custom size options are available, please contact us and we can design a bat to meet your needs.


Please note that these are a full 18mm/3/4" thick and more warp resistant than a 1/2" thick bat. HMR (High Moisture Resistant) MDF is a fiberboard material made with formaldehyde-free adhesive and woodfiber. HMR MDF (Medex) is much more resistant to water and moisture than regular MDF and will be less likely to warp if abused.

The inserts in this set are made from 9mm (3/8") Baltic Birch Plywood which is nice and thick and more resistant to wear and warping than the old MDF inserts we use to sell.

This bat also has good clay adhesion and will last a long time if given proper care and storage.


Bats will last almost indefinitely if well maintained. For best results, sponge a little water onto dry, porous bats before use, but don’t let them become waterlogged. Scrape off clay before it dries to avoid creating a lot of dust, and store bats on edge to avoid trapping moisture. Do not saturate MDF bats or leave them submerged in water- this may cause them to warp and swell.


Lucky Bats is was started by a family of artists and creative professionals, passionate about making beautiful, practical products that enhance work and life.

We started making our own Pottery Batt System because what was available seemed so expensive and always out of stock.

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