Collection: Diamond Core Fine Point Carving Tools - FP Series

DiamondCore® Tools is pleased to feature its fine point FP Series! We’ve revamped our three original fine point clay carvers and added six additional stainless-steel blade shapes to choose from, allowing you even more options when adding precise details to your ceramic creations. These tools continue our tradition of using handmade wood handles and DiamondCore® advanced blade technology, but we’ve taken these tools to the next level.

Each fine point tool now comes with one extra, always-sharp blade and three comfortable foam grips, making long hours in the studio easier on your hands. Unlike some competitors’ tools, our fine-point blades are replaceable, allowing you to keep your tool for years to come. These carvers leave little to no burs or debris, giving you crisp lines every time. Plus, the new walnut handles make this series a distinctive, beautiful addition to your collection. Shop our new FP Series and see the difference DiamondCore® Tools can make!